Soothing Manifestation Mala

Soothing Manifestation Mala


Stones Listed from the Guru Bead Outwards:

Peach Moonstone
Green Aventurine
Peach Aventurine
Milky Agate

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Inward journey, mystery, bringing what's forgotten to light, traveler's stone

Nurturing, love, harmonizing and energizing rhythms with others, fertility

Calming, gentleness

Crown Chakra


"Stone of Opportunity", thought to be the luckiest of all crystals. Manifestation, prosperity, wealth, boost of ones chances in any situation, creates opportunity

Strong connection to the Earth, provides appreciation of nature, soothing vibrations and absorbs environmental pollution

Guides towards inner harmony, balances the emotional body and soothes emotions like anger, irritation and emotional wounds which will ease the understanding of patterns, behaviours and challenging relationship dynamics

Heart Chakra


Inner stability, self-confidence, composure

Promotes clear thinking, decreases the drive for unnecessary material things, mature reasoning, stimulates decision making and brainstorming

Protection when traveling, out for a drive or working in dangerous environments

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