Sacred Heart Mala

Sacred Heart Mala


Stones Listed from the Guru Bead Outwards:

Yellow Jasper
Purple Sandalwood

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Vibrancy, endurance, justice, stimulator of life force, vitality, passion, stamina and determination

Throughout many sacred civilizations was known for protection, courage, fertility in both physical and spiritual realms

Reconnect with the earth, returning to source, restore balance, high spiritual energy for focus during long meditations or journeys

Root Chakra


Blend of red jasper & epidote symbolizes harmonious relationships, balances the emotional body, lifts you up when feeling down and allows deep emotions to be released in a gentle way

Balances energies of the heart; kindness, compassion and love with persistence, patience and the elimination of poor patterns

Aids in fertility, cutting down on any unwanted habits and the removal of any emotional triggers that perpetuate the behaviours

Heart Chakra

Purple Sandalwood

Peace, calm, serenity, increases energy

Staying present, focused and alert, enhances mental clarity

Over 4,000 years old, found in many ancient civilizations for carvings, incense, medicine, embalming, oils etc

Third Eye Chakra