Self Nurturing Mala

Self Nurturing Mala


Stones Listed from the Guru Bead Outwards:

African Blackwood

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Black Agate

Inner stability, self-confidence, composure

Promotes clear thinking, decreases the drive for unnecessary material things, mature reasoning, stimulates decision making and brainstorming

Protection when traveling, out for a drive or working in dangerous environments

All Chakras


Emotional healer, nurturing of the inner self and reclaiming what is meant to be, soft opening past emotional experiences and scars for healing, renewal and restoration

Calming emotional shock or panic, gently releases self-destructive behaviour, resentments, anger and has a strong resonance for forgiveness

Promotes alignment with the universe and your purpose, feeling centred and balanced and to regain equilibrium after a period of overwhelm or stress, restoration of physical and emotional energy

Heart Chakra

African Blackwood

Strongly aligned with the energy of Saturn, acts as a conduit between the physical and spiritual realms

Useful for forming creative and intellectual changes in all areas of life

Removal of communication barriers, opening of clear passage for understanding and acknowledgement

Third Eye Chakra