Blazing Inner Light Mala

Blazing Inner Light Mala


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Rudraksha Seed
Purple Agate
Fire Agate

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Rudraksha Seed

Rudraksha tree was created from the tear of Lord Shiva after a deep long meditation.

"Rudra" - one of Shiva's names "Aksha" - teardrops. Together they speak about the eyes of Shiva, one who is able to look at and do everything, able to wipe our tears and provide happiness

Creates a cocoon of your own energy, protects against unwanted energy, rejuvenating

Can work with all Chakras depending on number of mukhi/mukha's


Inner stability, self-confidence, composure

Promotes clear thinking, decreases the drive for unnecessary material things, mature reasoning, stimulates decision making and brainstorming

Protection when traveling, out for a drive or working in dangerous environments

All Chakras