Vital Strength Mala

Vital Strength Mala


Stones Listed from the Guru Bead Outwards:

Rudraksha Seed
Grey Agate
Breccia Jasper
Lapis Lazuli

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Rudraksha Seed

Rudraksha tree was created from the tear of Lord Shiva after a deep long meditation.

"Rudra" - one of Shiva's names "Aksha" - teardrops. Together they speak about the eyes of Shiva, one who is able to look at and do everything, able to wipe our tears and provide happiness

Creates a cocoon of your own energy, protects against unwanted energy, rejuvenating

Can work with all Chakras depending on number of mukhi/mukha's

Grey Agate

Inner stability, self-confidence, composure

Promotes clear thinking, decreases the drive for unnecessary material things, mature reasoning, stimulates decision making and brainstorming

Protection when traveling, out for a drive or working in dangerous environments

All Chakras


Tapping into vitality, personal will power, desire, creative abilities and persistence

Protective and shielding against manipulation, control, criticism, unwanted energy harm and danger

Empowerment, overcoming fears, stepping into personal power and action, manifestation, 

Solar Plexus Chakra

Breccia Jasper

Strength, bring clarity and focus to a previously foggy life experience, brings stability and grounding

Nurturing, aids to overcome shame or guilt, can be used as a worry stone to overcome any tension or anxieties

Increases vitality, communication, self confidence and creativity

Root Chakra

Lapis Lazuli

Universal stone of truth & wisdom

Stimulates creativity, good judgement, problem solving, stimulates desire for learning understanding and enhancing memory

Deep communication and love, acceptance, inner truth and knowledge, self expression without compromise

Third Eye Chakra

Cymophane "Cats Eye"

Good fortune and luck and protection

Stimulates forgiveness, generosity and a balanced view point

Increases your perception of others and enhances your intuition

Heart Chakra

Blue Rosewood

Nuturing, intuitive, healing


Protection against unwanted energies

Heart Chakra