Communicating Truth Mala

Communicating Truth Mala


Stones Listed from the Guru Bead Outwards:

Grey Moonstone
Lapis Lazuli
Pink Agate
Grey Agate

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Inward journey, mystery, bringing what's forgotten to light, travellers stone, protection, calms the mind and senses

Nurturing, love, harmonizing and energizing rhythms with others, fertility, aligns with the goddess and nature energies

Calming, gentleness, deflects negativity and eases emotional trauma

Crown Chakra

Lapis Lazuli

Universal stone of truth & wisdom

Stimulates creativity, good judgement, problem solving, stimulates desire for learning understanding and enhancing memory

Deep communication and love, acceptance, inner truth and knowledge, self expression without compromise

Third Eye Chakra


Inner stability, self-confidence, composure

Promotes clear thinking, decreases the drive for unnecessary material things, mature reasoning, stimulates decision making and brainstorming

Protection when traveling, out for a drive or working in dangerous environments

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