JUNE 2019

"If anyone is searching for a physical therapist who works with pain, discomfort, injuries or allergies, then Kendra Toothill is your woman! I just wanted to give a shout out to Kendra because I found her to be a very attuned physical therapist that helped me with the severe allergic reaction I had to the pollen recently here in Germany. She’s a certified athletic movement neuro-therapist.

I was surprised how well the assessment and treatment worked even though our sessions were held online, with Kendra in the U.K and me in Germany. The worst part of the allergy was the severe nasal blockage and cough that took me ages to shake. Kendra showed me some very gentle but really helpful movements I could do throughout my day, that were extremely helpful for opening my airways and easing the cough. Not only that, but her keen eye of observation noticed how I wasn’t turning my head effectively. This has helped me in my yoga practice, which I didn’t expect given that I saw her for an allergy not for a head alignment!  The best thing is that, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, she can work with you because she does online session. Kendra also sends you a video of the physical exercises she’s given you, just incase you forget them.

Kendra is patient, gentle, well informed and has a keen eye for observing slight nuances in the movement of your body and I highly recommend her.”

-Eleni Kidis 



june 2019

Kendra has an extensive knowledge of the human body which is truly incredible.
It’s this together with her natural ability to make you feel understood and comfortable in her warm presence that brings about a change in you in both a Physical and Emotional consensus. I came to Kendra having tried multiple treatment paths (including the NHS, Physios, Chiropractors, Acupuncture) in the hope of resolving/improving my long term chronic pain conditions with the SI Joint, Piriformis Muscle and Sciatic Nerve.
I was feeling truly exhausted both physically and mentally but Kendra devised a Personalised Programme including Movement Homework, WhatsApp Video/Chat and detailed Face to Face sessions so I have now gained a new perspective and understanding of my body, mind and pain. Kendra has invited me to work with my body and emotions rather than against them in a gentle, encouraging and respectful way.
The thoroughness of Kendra’s work is exceptional as she treats you as an individual by taking into consideration all of your life experiences together with your physical symptoms to bring about helpful change. It is truly energising to work with somebody who has a fresh, effective treatment approach that is specific to you, your body and all the events that have led you to this point in time. Kendra willingly and graciously goes completely above and beyond in terms of the constant support and guidance she offers in comparison to another Therapist or Practitioner I have seen previously.
The passion Kendra has for her “work” is reflected  in her commitment, dedication, and genuine approach to help you find a place within yourself that is more comfortable and at peace in all senses. I am thrilled with the results and improvements in my pain and state of mind  which would never have been possible without Kendra’s support, encouragement,  guidance and unique yet effective treatment methods.
I can honestly say that for the first time in many years I am making progress. If you’re feeling truly fed up with pain, trapped and unimportant or hopeless in resolving your discomfort then please do the best possible thing you can do for yourself and contact Kendra…. you will never look back.”

-Amanda Gieve



JUNE 2019

“Thank you Kendra for helping me to work through the trauma that I have been holding in my body since my parachute jump over 30 years ago! Using yoga and P-DTR and with Kendra’s gentle and intuitive guidance I have full flexibility and am able to move into positions which were previously impossible.”




June 2019

“I came to see Kendra as I had been suffering with hip problems for the last 5 years following a traumatic accident. I was in constant pain and despite several trips, scans and referrals from the hospital, I was no nearer a diagnosis or any treatment, I was truly despairing! Kendra was able to pinpoint the problem areas and work through these with me, providing clear explanations, advice and guidance both in our sessions and homework videos. I am now pain free and put this solely down to Kendra’s knowledge, guidance and patience. Thank you!”

-Lia Woolley



JUNE 2019

“I’ve spent years in pain, trying multiple different therapies to alleviate my neck and back pain. After the first session with Kendra I noticed less pain and after a few sessions no pain! The movements can be used for the rest of my life and they’re made easy to follow with Kendra’s detailed instructions and visual queues via essential videos. Kendra is very calm, patient, curious and keen to help and offers great support in between sessions. You’re on the journey together. If you’re unsure, give one session a try, you will be so glad you took time to invest in yourself.”




June 2019

“I can highly recommend Kendra, my first session was full of enlightenment, excellent treatment and the most wonderful follow up exercises, life enhancing and changing.”

Lesley C.



April 2019

"Also, just a quick feedback - I have been to see many practitioners over the years. Your approach is very unique. You are more passionate about your work and your patients. With most practitioners, the contact ends the moment we walk out of their work place. Not with you. It is very much appreciated. So thank you very much"




September 2018

"Over the course of our sessions, Kendra used a variety of techniques to work on my scar and my hand.  I am delighted to say that my hand, which had not responded  to traditional medical interventions, is now completely healed after just 3 sessions.  Not only was it a great result, but working with Kendra was a fascinating experience which gave me an insight into her in-depth understanding of the workings of the human body and her ability to combine a number of different techniques to achieve a successful outcome for me as an individual."

-A. De Cruz



June 2019

“I would like to thank you! I’ve been feeling so much better since joining your yoga classes! I have had an amazing feeling of inner light and harmony.”

-Paola K Bryan



JUNE 2019

“I love the way Kendra approaches yoga – mindful movements with purpose.  She is a calm, skilled, inspirational leader who doesn’t rely on her own ego to motivate her class.  My one to one sessions with her have been invaluable – she is curious about how others move and why, determined to work out improvements and is the only person who has instilled in me lasting changes I can make (to the way I stand and walk) to benefit my body.”




August 2018

“I came to Kendra through her yoga class and after highlighting to her a long term issue I had with my foot she offered support and guidance. I’ve had consultations with doctors and physio's via the NHS to try and improve my condition but this was nowhere near as thorough and detailed as the help offered from Kendra. The movement therapy feels like I am working with my body rather than pushing against it. Kendra’s focus and attention to all aspects of me physically and mentally has given me a better programme to work with and has been far superior to any other support I’ve received. For the first time I get a sense that I’m making progress.”

-Jenny Mason



august 2018

“Kendra is a calm, kind, fascinating lady with a wealth of knowledge about how/why the body works/doesn't work and how to help it heal whether that be on a physical or emotional level. I initially visited her with a recurrent hip issue. With the use of yoga poses, in which she subtly corrected my positioning to improve my posture, my hip pain improved over the course of our sessions. She has years of experience working with top class athletes so it was no surprise when she pointed out that my left hamstring wasn't functioning after a skiing accident I'd had many years before. Using P-DTR (which I found fascinating) she was able to re-ignite it - I can now Salsa dance properly which I couldn't do before! If your body is struggling, give it the gift of therapy with Kendra, you won't be disappointed.”




May 2018

"I am really enjoying the yoga classes themed around the chakras. As a complete beginner to yoga, and carrying an injury, I feel safe and comfortable in your classes, suitably challenged but not feeling any pressure to move to the more difficult postures until I feel ready to do so. I enjoy the balance of yoga moves with breathing and meditation etc, giving a lovely overall experience, and I love knowing that each of these classes will be different so there is no risk of boredom setting in. As you are so approachable, I know I can ask if I have any questions or concerns. All in all it’s a great way to start the day and already I can’t imagine ever not having yoga in my life."




March 2018

"With Kendra’s words “How do we choose to experience this one blessed life?” written at the top of my journal page, I sat still for the 20 minutes of my Breath Awareness mp3 recording, marvelling at the ‘things I can now enjoy’.

I’ve tried yoga a few times through my life, and every time I bumped into the brick wall of pain.  Being fit and healthy, able to run as far as I wanted without injury, I didn’t understand why I couldn’t do the same with yoga.  Kind folk told me that it simply meant I hadn’t found the right teacher ... and they were right. 

When I was least expecting it, yoga returned to my life.  I had an opportunity to work with Kendra and yoga became what I had always thought it was ‘meant’ to be ... an entry into myself; movement that was opening, freeing, liberating ... connected to thoughts that were calming, deep, exploring.  And no new pain.

The post-session videos - aligned with what we’d covered together so everything was familiar and made sense - have meant that no matter how little time I have to ‘be with my Self’, I could do my yoga practice; even 10 minutes of alternate nostril breathing has the power to awaken and ‘stir stuff up’.  

With Kendra’s beautiful, soothing, encouraging, mindful voice looking after me, I feel safe to move, to find new shapes my body is unfamiliar with, to challenge with a delicious ‘reframe’ of not trying to ‘achieve’, and instead simply spend quiet time with my body and mind.  And the trilogy?  The ‘woo-woo’, the ‘spirit’ ... ?  Embracing the unfolding mysteries has been another unexpected ... ‘normal’ ... as if it’s always been right there ... not ‘over there’ or even ‘out there’.  
Yoga has entered my life and I feel blessed to have ‘found’ the right teacher."

-Helen Hall, Author, Running Coach and Movement Analyst



jan 2018

"Kendra blends traditional yoga with an eye on human movement and posture that most yoga instructors don't provide.  Her experience as a sport and physical therapist inform her understanding of yoga poses.  The result is an experience that is at once challenging yet puts the body at ease.  Kendra uses cues and provides suggestions that will help you find your edge and incorporate yoga movement into your life everyday."




Jan 2018

" Kendra, prior to working with you, any yoga program I participated in had me feeling awkward and inadequate. My body struggled to achieve poses that were easy for the younger crowd. The effort seem to outweigh the benefits; it was easier to stay home with a good book than go to class.

Once I started working with you, my whole attitude shifted and I began to believe in the possibility of increased energy and flexibility through the yoga moves that you taught. Your expertise and knowledge of body mechanics, combined with a gentle and encouraging way of helping your students adapt yoga to individual body challenges made it a joy rather than a hard slog to work through your program.

Because of you and your way of teaching, I have learned to move beyond my former mental resistance and to integrate yoga moves into my daily life.

Bless you, Kendra. I feel taller, more flexible and more fit, thanks to your efforts!"

-Sue Paulson, Speaker, Author