Movement Foundations Course


Movement Foundations: for Mastering the Yoga Basics

9 Considerations to Experience a More Confident, Comfortable & Connected Yoga Practice


  • Online 7 hour interactive progressive learning experience

  • No Yoga Postures - Connect with foundational movement and take your practice beyond the poses

  • Breakdown of Course with 9 Considerations

    • 1 - Equipment Considerations

    • Our 3 Progressive Stages of Learning

    • 2 - 3D Movement Considerations

    • 3 - Reference Considerations

    • 4 - Alignment Considerations

    • 5 - Breath Considerations

    • 6 - Directional Considerations

    • 7 - Balance Considerations

    • 8 - Seat Considerations

    • 9 - Timing Considerations

    • Daily Integrated Movement Practice

“…I've seen a lot of training material on sports and fitness subjects including some yoga, aerobics and also horse riding/dressage training. Generally I'd describe it as a triumph of style over substance. This course was completely the opposite - I'd say a triumph of substance over style.

If you've been attending yoga classes for a while but really want to understand more of what's going on, both with the yoga teaching and with your own body then this is the course for you. If you complete the course you will get more out of future yoga classes and you will have more understanding and confidence to work with your own body on what you have learned.

-Rodney K. / Read More Reviews