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What Is A Mala?

A mala was traditionally used in Eastern cultures to open us to a deeper experience while meditating. For example it was used to centre or focus the mind and it’s thoughts OR to invoke or experience a particular quality through the repetition of a mantra, prayer, chant etc. 
A mala has 108 beads, 108 being a very auspicious number and offers us 108 opportunities to direct our awareness.
In the creation process, after each bead is strung it is then knotted, making it both very sturdy and time consuming to create.
Our more modern mala’s now incorporate natural gemstones, so we can receive the benefits from the stones. Our mala's are created with high quality semi precious stones straight from Mother Earth and combined on the mala’s to create a unique experience for the owner. Our stones have been gathered from all over the world, meaning to say you will never see the same mala created twice!
Nowadays, there are many ways to engage with a mala. Some examples are to simply wear it around your neck or wrist and carry the gifts of the stones with you, you can hang it by your bedside, or take it to your yoga mat and of course you can use it to meditate, for mantra, chant or to invoke deity energy. Ask me to learn more!


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Handmade with precious stones from Mother Earth. Uniquely created to support a life of awareness, meditation and mindfulness.


Options to find a mala that resonates with you


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Find a mala that resonates with you. You can decide based on the colours, the stones or simple allow your intuition to guide you. Each mala in our store has a brief summary of the stones to enhance your shopping experience. Please note that each mala is made uniquely and never recreated twice.  Check back often to check out the new pieces! 


If you are not local or you are simply interested in a personalized mala, you can fill out a 'Inquisitive Self-Questionnaire'. This is a form created to help me learn a bit about you. Your answers will influence and inspire the creation of a mala made just for you. This option supports the ability for a mantra to be woven and infused into the mala.


If you live locally (Amersham, UK), we have the gift of being able co-create a mala together, deciding on every detail that suits your intention.  Getting clear on the purpose of the mala through colours, precious stones, the tassel and guru bead. This option supports the ability for a mantra to be woven and infused into the mala. 


Our past Mala's Inspired by the Questionnaire


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