How it all works - Let’s Break it down


Once a week you will be practicing and engaging in a aspect of these ancient traditions, which takes your practice deeper and more embodied.

17 Weeks of Emails Themed To Ancient Traditions:
5 Elements
12 Meridians

Every Monday morning (6am GMT) an email containing a ~60min Yoga class, a simple cue video, contemplations and questions for the week PLUS every so often a guided meditation is included.

Practice is a slow, mindfully themed sequence, that includes the in depth study of ancient traditions through movement, breath and awareness cultivation. 

These emails will be automated and will contain a link that sends you directly to the video, which can be easily streamed (like netflix - takes up less space, easier on time) or downloaded. The videos are always available and yours to keep and go back to when needed. We will be using the platform Vimeo which is incredibly easy to use.

You can practice the Yoga class ANYTIME you like and RETURN to the class at any time. You will have 17 emails from me over 4 months, plus I have created a simple working document to organize the content (you know I like detail and clarity!)

The first video will be always be released to you on a Monday at 6am GMT (there will be a Welcome Message detailing how to begin prior to this).

Each Yoga class is similar to class and is the following format:

~7min -Guided Meditation to begin embodying the theme 
~45min -Slow considerate movement engaging with the theme
~7min -Savasana 

All movement is at a slower pace and interacting with the theme, for example:

  • If we are exploring the element of Earth there will be aspects of stability, having all 4 limbs on the ground, balance, heavy dense downward movements etc.

  • If we are exploring the Large Intestine meridian we would be exploring twists, the idea of being stuck or unable to let go of something and moving the arms and thumbs, etc.