Kendra Toothill 


My name is Kendra Toothill and as I was mentioning before, I am here to help resolve pain or discomforts through a progressive path, using a variety of advanced treatment modalities.

I have a deep interest in working with chronic pain or any type of unresolved long lasting discomfort. Bringing clarity, education and empowerment when you are feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and disheartened by your situation is a highly valued part of the process.

When working together, many aspects are explored on a deep, integrated level, going above and beyond symptom relief.
We are not treating your pain, we are cultivating a level of healing and health for your whole body! Work can be done online through video calls or at my home office with the intention to cultivate a relationship with full body health and wellness, not pain management.

At one time or another, we all need guidance through some cloudy patches and I am here to decode the complexity of your injury history and find the source of the problem. Once these areas have been highlighted we begin to work with the body using biomechanics, neurological techniques, movement, breath and other combinations of therapies to resolve the issue and offer you a new opportunity and experience in life.

I work with a
range of ages and complex conditions, please send me an email to ask a question! I would love to help.



  • B.Sc. - Exercise Science: Specialization in Athletic Therapy

  • CAT(C) - Certified Athletic Therapist (Canada)

  • ATC - Certified Athletic Trainer (USA)

  • CSCS - Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

  • CYT - Certified Yoga Teacher (Guatemala Immersion)


  • AiM - Anatomy in Motion®

  • P-DTR - Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex®

  • PRI - Postural Restoration Institute®

  • CRT - Cellular Release Therapy®

  • NKT - NeuroKinetic Therapy®

  • FMS - Functional Movement Screen®

“Thank you Kendra for helping me to work through the trauma that I have been holding in my body since my parachute jump over 30 years ago! Using yoga and P-DTR and with Kendra’s gentle and intuitive guidance I have full flexibility and am able to move into positions which were previously impossible.”

-Sue / Read More Reviews