Find Your Flow

ways to sync up and stay in rhythm for the duration of the immersion


Step 1:

This is YOUR therapeutic movement journey, treat it as such. Prepare for class as if you were attending a class in a studio. Meaning:

  • DON'T RUSH - Give yourself 75 minutes to enjoy your movement practice. Don't squeeze it in. Be mindful of the timing.

  • PLAN IT IN - You have the opportunity to practice Yoga at home, honour that wonderful gift and block off a chunk in your day. Do you like to move before work, midday or before bed?  Book it into your diary, like an appointment. You are important.

  • PACK & PREP - Your Yoga mat and the room you practice in going to be an integral part of your practice. Pack a bag full of the things you need; Yoga mat, blocks, towel, water bottle, etc. and designate a "sacred space" for you to practice in. Have the intention to set it up AND put it back every time. This is part of the practice, we would call this "sweeping the floor". Honour your Yoga area, keep it clean, maybe have a small object to set the tone of the space (eg. mala, stone, feather, book etc.)

  • DON'T MULTITASK - This is your Yoga practice, treat this as an opportunity to connect with yourself. Put your phone away, close the door, enjoy your time with yourself.

  • BE GRATEFUL - You've given yourself a great gift and an incredible opportunity. Every day, remind yourself of how incredible it is to be able to practice Yoga in the warmth of your own home, for an inexpensive price, wearing the clothes you're comfortable in, using your electronic device, connecting with yourself in such a way. It truly is amazing!

Step 2:

 Become aware of the length of the journey - 4 months (17 weeks). Meaning:

  • If you miss a week, be okay with that. Do not pull yourself into an self-defeating internal dialogue.

  • You have 17 weeks ahead of you and life will move as you progress through the weeks.

  • Try to come away from a strict schedule, let your softer, more nourishing side shine through here!

  • Be kind. Be gentle. Be understanding. Be soft. Be okay with all that comes along.

  • Know that the more you commit to your practice, the more connected towards it (& yourself) you will become.

Step 3:

Allow for Yoga to integrate into your life! Yoga can become an integral aspect of your life, if you let it. Keep space for this to occur for a more profound experience! This will be easy for you to continually return to your Yoga mat.

  • Journal or draw about your experiences or have a weekly reflective moment. How did this practice make you feel? Did anything happen in your day/week that may be related to the themed Yoga practice?

  • Invite a spouse or family member to join you! You have purchased the videos, share the love within your household.

  • Have an open curious mindset and awareness, let the movement practice continue to "work" through you, even after you have rolled up your mat.