Our Small Group Classes


Yoga Inspired Movement Classes

The intention behind class is to provide the practitioners with an opportunity to develop a deeper, slower, more mindful practice and experience movements beyond the typical Yoga postures.

This class is inspired by Yoga poses and will contain a series of Yoga postures but also is deeply rooted in exploring correct body mechanics and finding our way into shapes that provide our body with space and opportunity. We will also have time for breath practice and guided meditation, finishing with a restorative period.

Beginner’s are welcome, small group sizes, register in advance



Barn Meadows Community Hall
Old Amersham, UK


7:45pm - Monday
6:15am - Tuesday


“I would like to thank you! I’ve been feeling so much better since joining your yoga classes! I have had an amazing feeling of inner light and harmony.”

-Paola K. Bryan / Read More Reviews